Corona cases declining in US: Trump


Washington (Agencies): US President Donald Trump on Sunday said that the number of corona cases in the country has dropped significantly. “The number of corona cases has dropped across the United States,” Trump wrote on Twitter. While the number of patients in some areas is not declining very fast, it is actually good news.

There have been 15,28,179 cases of corona infection in the United States so far, while the death toll from the disease has risen to 90,988. In April, 36,000 cases of infection were reported every day in the United States, which has now dropped significantly. If we talk about those affected by Corona all over the world, where more than 48 lakh people have been affected by it, 317,000 people have lost their lives so far.

Wuhan has the highest number of asymptomatic patients

There have been 25 new cases of infection in China. While seven cases are related to domestic infections, there are 18 patients who are not showing symptoms at present. Fourteen asymptomatic patients have been found in Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic alone. Wuhan has 337 asymptomatic patients, the highest in the country. Two patients have been found in Jilin Province, while one patient has been confirmed in Shanghai. In Wuhan, a total of 3,35,887 people underwent corona testing on Sunday. A day earlier, 1,22,675 people were tested for corona.

Putin expressed concern about the infection

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday expressed concern over Corona’s case in Russia’s southern region of Dagestan. He said 3,460 new cases had been reported in the Caspian Sea region of Dagestan and 29 people had died. However, Russian media have reported that the number of people affected by the corona is even higher. Russia’s Defense Ministry has set up a temporary hospital to treat Siberian gold miners.

Symptoms include sniffing and loss of taste in Bitten

Corona’s symptoms so far in Britain have included fever and phlegm, but on Sunday it has been linked to loss of ability to smell and taste. Health officials believe that these new symptoms could lead to a two percent increase in the number of corona patients. Meanwhile, UK Commerce Minister Alok Sharma has said that the country has now reached the next stage of waiver from the lockdown. “We were in level four during the lockdown,” the Indian-origin minister said But now with the efforts of all of you, we have been able to reduce the level of infection. We are now moving towards level three.

Hungary and Slovenia agree to open borders

Hungary and Slovenia have agreed to open their borders from June 1. This information was given by the Hungarian Foreign Minister on his Facebook page. He said that without international cooperation, the economy could not be revived. Trade between the two EU member states is 2.5 billion euros (over Rs 20,000 crore). Churches in Italy and the Vatican reopened on Monday in the next phase of the waiver from the lockdown.

In St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis not only attended the morning prayer but also celebrated the birthday of Pope John Paul II. Cafes and restaurants have also opened in Denmark since Monday. Denmark was the first country on the European continent to allow the opening of schools, day-care centers and small businesses last month.

China to send team to probe ambassador’s death

China will send a special team to investigate the death of Chinese Ambassador Du Wei, who was found dead at his home in Israel. According to local media, the team will conduct an independent investigation and arrange for his body to be taken to China for cremation. The team will also include family members.