Corona medicine was developed by Bangladesh before India


Punjab Network, Bangladesh: Although Indian rulers have from time to time cursed countries like Bangladesh and China, the reality on the ground is that countries like Bangladesh and China are now making strides. Bangladesh has more poverty than India, but the medicine that Bangladesh has developed to treat the corona while fighting the corona crisis is being discussed at home and abroad. China is much wiser than India, does not fall into superstition, But more than 80 per cent of India’s population now believes in Gabby powers.

Bangladesh has become the first country in the world to develop a generic version of RemediSvier. Beximco, a Bangladeshi pharmaceutical manufacturer, is going to sell generic remedies. The company has promised free Kovid-19 patients to government hospitals.

A simple form of remediation prepared:

Beximco has become the world’s first anti-viral generic drug manufacturer. Bangladesh is developing a generic version of the patented medicine as per WTO rules. The World Trade Organization allows third countries to obtain licenses.

Beximco, based in Dhaka, has decided to sell the generic remedies for Rs 6,000 (Rs 5,300). But medicine will be provided free of cost to government hospitals treating Kovid-19 patients. A senior company official, Rabrur Raza, said six vials would be needed for critically ill Kovid-19 patients.

Kovid-19 is used to treat patients

Remedicivir is being used to treat coronavirus infections in developing countries. Earlier in the day, Kovid-19 patients were allowed to use Remedivisier in the United States due to emergencies. Raza says many other countries have expressed interest in learning about his medicine. He said that the supply of medicine would not be done in the traditional way. If a government wants their medicine, it will be seen according to the situation. Bexamco was approached by a United Nations-affiliated drug patent pool company. He wants to know if Bexamco is interested in voluntarily licensing remedial work.

It is worth mentioning here that the United States has also claimed to have developed a medicine to treat people infected with the corona virus, but the United States has not yet clarified whether it has fully developed the medicine or not.