Corona Update: 343,000 deaths due to corona worldwide


Punjab Network, New Delhi:

The Corona virus continues to plague the world and so far no country in the world has been able to control it completely. The death toll from the corona virus is causing a great deal of fear among the general public.

If we talk about the latest corona cases from around the world, the number of corona cases worldwide has reached 5.4 million so far, while 343,000 people have died due to corona.
In the United States alone, 98,875 people have died from corona. Corona virus has killed less than 700 people in the United States on the third day.

Corona has killed 98,875 people in the United States so far. This was confirmed by Johns Hopkins University. It is pertinent to mention here that the norm of social world has now been raised in the German country till June 29 and curfew has been lifted by several states inside India as well, while the lockout continues across the country.