Corona virus: most killed in US, Brazil and UK … public angry


Around six million people worldwide have been infected with Corona and more than 3,47,000 people have died. The top five countries affected by Corona include the US, Brazil, Russia, Spain and the UK. The people of the three countries are angry with the rising infections and deaths in the US, Brazil and Britain.

The public is taking to the streets against President Donald Trump in the US, President Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Britain. The public there is expressing anger through social media. There is anger in a country for not strictly following lockdown and social distancing and elsewhere there is anger over the country’s poor health services.

Public outraged at Donald Trump in America

President Donald Trump has been playing golf in the US for two days. People have strongly opposed to playing trump’s golf and some people were standing outside the golf club carrying placards which said that one lakh people had died. We are worried, are you worried?

To this, Trump told the media, “Yes, I am worried, so I ordered the White House flag to be half-tilted on Memorial Day weekend in memory of those killed in Corona.” Trump said he is trying to discredit the Leader of the Opposition, so his good deeds are not being noticed.

Earlier Donald Trump tweeted that Corona cases have come down in the US and the rate of deaths is also decreasing. Let me tell you that more than 17 lakh people have been infected in the US so far and about one lakh people have died.

Public circles President Bolsonaro in Brazil

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro went out of the capital Brasilia for a party of food and drinks when he returned there, surrounded by angry people. People who came there called President Bolsonaro a murderer. After this, the security guards of the President took him out safely.

Apart from this, the public is angry at President Bolsonaro because he has told Corona a simple flu. Once President Bolsonaro even said that Corona is only a fantasy, people should not worry about the virus.

President Bolsonaro never supported a strict lockdown in Brazil. He should always be on the side of those who took to the streets against lockdown. Brazil is named second in the world due to the Corona virus. So far, more than 3,76,000 cases of corona have been reported, while more than 23,000 deaths have occurred.

Boris Johnson on the target of the Church in Britain

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson came under attack for defending his top aide who broke the lockdown rule. Dominic Cummings, the prime advisor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, flew to visit his parents with his wife despite signs of Corona, which is 420 kilometers from London.

After this news, people complained to the police and protests began in London demanding the resignation of Dominic. Many UK bishops also criticized Boris Johnson. People alleged that the lockdown rules are different for the public in Britain and close to the Prime Minister.

Here, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would not remove Dominic Cummings because he had not broken a single lockdown rule. So far 2,61,184 people have been infected with Corona in the UK and around 37,000 people have died.

President apologizes for breaking curfew in Austria

President Alexander Belen has apologized to the public for violating the curfew imposed in Austria to control the Corona. Curfew was announced in Austria from 11 am to dawn but Belen was in a restaurant after 11 pm.

To this, President Alexander Belen said that he visited the restaurant for the first time after the curfew so the timing was not noticed. He apologizes for this. There have been 16,539 cases of corona in Austria while 641 people have died.

Mayor of Toronto in Canada admitted mistake

In Canada, Toronto Mayor John Tory has expressed his regret to the public for not following social distancing. Thousands of people arrived at Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park along with Mayor Tory. To this, Tory has said that he could not follow social distancing in the park, so he apologizes to the public.