During the lockdown, people resorted to ‘online gaming’ to relieve stress


San Francisco, IANS: People around the world have spent the past few months in complete lockdown due to the corona virus. Although many countries have now started easing sanctions, people kept themselves busy during the shutdown through various activities to ease tensions. So people resorted to online games the most.

A recent survey also claims this. According to a report, during the shutdown, more people are spending time at home gaming. During the month of April, Facebook gaming hours increased by 238 percent. Also comes the number of game streaming platform Tric. Gaming hours saw a 101 per cent increase and YouTube viewership saw a 65 per cent increase.

The live streaming data analytics platform StreamElement reports on which platform the most hours have been spent on gaming.This brings up the number of the trich at the top. Which has been observed 1.65 billion hours. YouTube, on the other hand, was watched for 461 million hours and Facebook gaming for 291 million hours. In April last year, it was seen for only 86 million hours.

The benefit of hosting a celebrity tournament: On the other hand, the lowest growth was seen in Microsoft Mixer. It saw an increase of only 0.2 per cent in gaming hours. Facebook has made the biggest leap in terms of personal development. It has benefited by launching its standalone gaming app and hosting many successful celebrity tournaments.

1.1 billion hours viewed on YouTube: According to the latest figures from live streaming software, Facebook’s game streaming platform received about 554 million hours in the first quarter of 2020, compared to YouTube’s 1.1 billion hours and Trich’s 3.1 billion hours. This means that people are enjoying online gaming. Facebook also launched its gaming app on the Google Play Store for Android last month.