New trouble in America! President Trump declares emergency


Midland: President Donald Trump has declared a state of emergency in the US state of Michigan following the floods in Michigan. Trump signed an emergency declaration authorizing the Home Ministry and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate relief efforts in the wake of the floods in central Michigan.

Many people were evacuated to safer camps due to the floods. Jerry Wasserman, the camp’s manager, said most of the elderly are here. He added that 90 percent of the people attending the Midland High School gym are seniors. Extreme precautions were taken in these camps in view of the age of the people and the Covid-19 epidemic.

City spokeswoman Selena Tisdale said many people in the Midlands had to spend Wednesday and Thursday nights in camps. Had to spend on temporary shelters. “People were able to return to their homes after the water level receded on Thursday,” he said.

Meanwhile, scientists and environmentalists say work is under way in central Michigan to clean up two rivers and nearby areas contaminated with dioxin from the Dow Chemical Company. He also expressed concern that flood waters could re-enter the area.

Continuous rains in Michigan and the collapse of two dams raised the water level above the danger mark and left 11,000 people homeless in the Midlands.