New Zealand PM not allowed to visit cafe


MELBOURNE, Reuters: Prime Minister Josinda Adorne has been praised in New Zealand for controlling the corona virus. Two days ago, she was given a discount in the lockdown and allowed to open restaurants and cafes. However, during the exemption, they were asked to follow the rules of physical distance. In view of these rules, when Prime Minister Josinda Adrienne arrived at the cafe with her fianc on Saturday, she was refused entry, saying there was no space in the cafe. After that the two went back.

Josinda arrived at a cafe house in the capital, Wellington, on Saturday evening with her fianc, Clark Gayford. Because the rules required a distance of one meter, which has reduced the capacity of the cafe house. He was initially denied entry but a few minutes later when the table became empty, an employee of the cafe house came running out but by then the Prime Minister and his fiance had left.

Radford’s fiance Gifford blamed himself. “I should have taken responsibility because I could not book elsewhere,” he wrote on Twitter. When a space is vacant, it feels good to try to fill it. The PM’s press secretary said the PM had to wait outside the cafe due to restrictions.

State television quoted the press secretary as saying that the PM said he waited like a normal person. The number of infected patients in New Zealand as of Sunday was 1,149, while 21 people have died so far.