Not always good for work from home health: Nadella


San Francisco (IANS): Top companies like Twitter are pushing for work-from-home for their employees. In such a situation, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has warned that it could be dangerous for the mental health of employees. He said that working from home forever could have serious consequences for the social and mental health of the employees. He also believes that virtual video calls cannot replace face-to-face meetings.

“In the current situation, we are facing a new problem in trying to resolve a dilemma,” Nadella, who is of Indian descent, told the New York Times. They ask, what is the burden of overwork or hassle? What can mental health look like? In such a situation, what should be the form of the communities and what should be the contact?

“I think in the current situation, by working away from the office, we are losing all the social capital that we had accumulated under normal circumstances,” Nadella said. His remarks came in the wake of Twitter’s move to shift its staff from home to work forever. Twitter employees will be able to work from home even after the epidemic is over. Facebook and Alphabet (Google) have also asked their employees to work from home by the end of the year. The tech company Microsoft will continue its home-based policy until October.