Online booking for 200 trains running daily from June 1 will start at 10 am today


New Delhi: The Government of India has announced that online booking for 200 trains running daily from June 1 will start from 10 am today. These trains will run in addition to special labor trains. Only online booking facility will be available for these 200 trains.

The Railways said that the maximum reservation period would be 30 days.

These trains will be fully reserved. Apart from AC and non-AC, there will also be general coaches. But general coach seats are also reserved tickets.

Instant and Premium Instant Not Available:

Instant and premium instant ticket bookings will not be available on these trains. The first list of passengers will be ready four hours before the train opens and the second list will be ready two hours before the train opens. All passengers will be screened before entering the station corridor and passengers without symptoms will be allowed to enter the station and board the train.

What will be the fare?

The fare of these trains will be normal. A second class seat will be taken in the reserved general coach. The Railways said that no non-reserved tickets will be issued for these trains and no tickets will be issued after boarding the train.

Travel directions:

-Only passengers with confirmed tickets will be allowed to enter the railway station.

-All passengers will be required to wear a mask during the journey.

Passengers must have arrived at the station an hour and a half earlier for thermal screening.

-Only people who have no symptoms will be allowed to travel.

Passengers will have to take care of social distances inside both the station and the train.