Open game doors in India


New Delhi: As per the Government of India’s Lockdown-4 guidelines, stadiums will be opened without spectators across the country. This means that the country will not only open up avenues for players to practice but also host major tournaments like the IPL and bilateral series when foreign players start getting visas. The BCCI had postponed the IPL indefinitely due to the corona virus. All sports in the country were closed.

The players were forced to stay indoors. Due to this, it is clear from the new directives of the government that even if the IPL is not held soon, preparations for it can start now. IPL franchises can set up camp for their respective teams following the important guidelines of physical distance. Players can now reach the stadium and practice there.

“This is very good news for the Games,” a BCCI official said. We the people will be busy preparing for the IPL. Grounds that are not yet ready will be prepared. A new program will be set up but the IPL could take place only if the Indian government lifts visa restrictions on the arrival of foreign players and resumes flights. It is certain that after this decision, the practice of domestic players will start.

We hope that visa bans will be lifted gradually so that we can move towards IPL. There is an option to quarantine and test the corona for the foreign players who will come on further exemption.

Not a hindrance in domestic tournaments

The way is now open for the BCCI to host the domestic series as well. Tournaments like the Irani Trophy can now be held without spectators, although the closure of domestic flights could make it difficult. Tournaments for the next domestic calendar can also be held there till the scheduled time. In a way, the way is now open to host all kinds of games. With the start of the flight, the roads will be completely open. Other sports can also get the green light. Trials for age group tournaments can also be started soon.

Olympic preparations

Not only cricket but also athletes from other sports are now able to come to the stadium and practice. There, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) can also train players in its centers across the country. Athletes engaged in Olympic preparations have been seeking permission from the Sports Ministry to practice for a long time. Sai has also prepared guidelines for him.