People of India are experiencing lockdown from past 2 months due to the global pandemic. Everyone is now frustrated because of staying indoors which is completely fine as it is in the human nature to go out and socialize. But we are ignoring the fact that lockdown has made some positive impacts in our life.
We are getting enough sleep:- Now we don’t have to commute to long distance for our work and get our kids ready for school, we can get a little more sleep. More sleep can make a lot of difference to our health as it helps in the recovery process of our body.
Eating Healthy Home Cooked Food: We are stuck at our homes and cooking and cleaning our houses is the only main tasks we have to do. As most restaurants and delivery service are on hold we have to cook by ourselves. Home cooking usually uses less oil, fresh ingredients and moreover no restaurant can match the taste of home cooked food.
Time to sweat:- We spend our whole day searching ways to kill our extra time in lockdown. We can do some yoga, meditation or cardio and remove the excess from our body which has piled up on our body due to our tight schedule. Now we don’t have any excuse to do workout also it can be a fun activity for the whole family to do together and stay healthy together.
Time for our family: Parents working for long hours and kids busy with their study and extra activities home used to look less like a home more like a place where whole family would come to rest. Now it’s the best time to get to know your family better and have fun.
After lockdown ends we will miss this time so make the most of it..
Sawinder kaur
Senior journalist