Restrictions related to the virus may continue in the IPL


Manchester (AP): The English Premier League (EPL) has been told by government experts that the ban on the corona virus could last for at least a year in English football. England’s top football league is studying how Germany’s Bundesliga was able to launch its league last weekend. The EPL, however, knows that their goal of starting the league on June 12 will not be easy. “We have to be flexible,” said Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League. Of course the German league is a few steps away from us and we can learn from them by watching them and gain confidence from their success.

The chief executives of the teams will meet next Tuesday to discuss the rules for allowing players to come in contact with the training. Will be associated with no growth.

On Monday, 20 clubs agreed on rules for training in small groups with physical distance rules. Meanwhile, government officials may come for training facilities to check compliance with the rules. Premier League medical adviser Mark Gillett, however, said the social situation associated with the corona virus was not going to change any time soon.

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