Salman Khan getting compliments for this work


Salman Khan has been helping the needy and the poor ever since the coronavirus lockdown. Although he is in his Panvel farmhouse, he is constantly sending food, essentials and other necessities to the poor. On Monday, the whole country celebrated Eid. Salman Khan donated essential items and food grains to 5,000 families on the day of Eid. To make Eid more special, Salman sent food kits to the poor.

Prominent Maharashtra political leader Rahul Gandhi Kanal shared this information through social media. He shared pictures of the food kit provided by Salman Khan on Twitter and thanked Salman Khan for it. Rahul N. Canal wrote on Twitter:
“On the special occasion of Eid, you contributed in your own way to 5000 families, so thank you Salman Khan Bhai. Keep sharing such joys.”

Rahul N. Canal further wrote,
“People like you keep a balance in society, thank you for distributing Eid kits. Bhai’s special way. Happy Eid.”

The Eid kits include milk packets, cereals and other items. In addition, two mini trucks of ‘Being Haangryy’ are plying in different parts of Mumbai and distributing these Eid kits to the poor and needy. The kits contain two kilograms of milk, 250 grams of dried fruits, one kilogram of pow and one kilogram of sugar.