Trump tells Brazil about Corona’s new hotspot


New Delhi: US President Donald Trump has banned any visit to Brazil. Trump has announced a ban on Brazil, calling it a new hotspot for the Corona. The number of people infected with corona in Brazil has crossed 3 million. So far 22,500 people have lost their lives. On April 24, there were 50,000 cases of corona in Brazil, and on May 3, the number exceeded one million. Then on May 14, the figure crossed 2 lakh and then on May 21, the figure crossed 3 lakh.

Cowid-19 cases drop in US: Trump

US President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday that the number of Kovid-19 infections and related deaths was declining in the country. Trump’s tweet comes at a time when the number of deaths due to coronavirus in the United States is approaching one million.

Trump tweeted,

“Cases, numbers and deaths are declining across the country. A few days ago, White House official Dr. Deborah Burks said that the number of Kovid-19 patients in the hospital has dropped by 50 percent.”