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Breaking: Raaja Kanwar and Abhimanyu Sharaff take charge as Office Bearers of CII Haryana for the year 2024-25


Raaja Kanwar and Abhimanyu Sharaff take charge as Office Bearers of CII Haryana for the year 2024-25

Punjab Network, Chandigarh

Mr Raaja Kanwar and Mr Abhimanyu Sharaff have been elected as the Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively of the CII Haryana State Council for the year 2024-25 during the CII Haryana State Annual Session.

Mr Raaja Kanwar is the CMD of Apollo International Ltd (AIL). He founded AIL in 1994 to fulfil the stated aim of ‘Delivering Sustainable Value Creation’. Present in over 45 countries, AIL is a global business conglomerate that operates in diverse business fields like engineering and infrastructure projects; automotive; logistics and supply chain; fashion. Today, leading companies across the globe trust AIL for its unmatched business expertise and high standards of business ethics. Anchored by an extraordinary force of over 17,500 employees worldwide, AIL businesses are strongly driven by customer-centricity and innovation.

Mr Raaja Kanwar is a member of several prestigious organizations such as the Young President’s Organization, World Economic Forum, Confederation of Indian Industry, All India Management Association, and The Owner’s Forum. He also chaired the CII’s Northern Region Committee on Logistics & Warehousing for the year 2021-22. He has played a key role in the evolution of digital cinema in India. In 2006, the then Hon`ble Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh formally recognized Mr. Kanwar’s contribution to the industry. In 2017-18 and 2018-19, URS Media & AsiaOne Magazine Asia & GCC featured Mr. Kanwar in their World’s Greatest Leaders edition. A management degree holder from Drexel University, USA, Mr Kanwar is an avid fitness enthusiast. He is a keen investor in start-ups that work on ideas and technologies that hold the promise to make the world a better place for the next generation.

Mr Abhimanyu Sharaff is a Graduate with BSc Hons. in Management Sciences from the University of Warrick and MSc in Management and Regulation of Risk from London University of Economics. Mr Sharaff began his entrepreneur journey with Vikas Group in 2005, after completing his stint at Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, London. Since then, he has been actively involved in carving out a growth trajectory for the group in all its business ventures.

In the last 15 years, he has made joint ventures with companies from Korea, Japan, China and Italy. During this period, he also played an active role in the growth of the Group. The company has won several awards and recognition under his leadership. With extensive knowledge and track record of success, Mr Sharaff inspires trust and confidence necessary to drive high-performance teams, his persona is a perfect blend of several attributes like education, knowledge & wisdom, which is essential to get along with self, family, people & custom.

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